Rune is a live music sound engineer with 20 years on the road.
In between the tour seasons, Rune has worked in various sound studios – recording, mixing and producing multiple releases.
Rune is a drummer and has played music since he was a boy.

From 2015 to 2019 Rune was product specialist for the Danish company DPA Microphones.

Rune has worked with the following artists: 

Alberte Winding  |  Die Herren |  D-A-D |  Glenn Hughes
Black Country Communion |  Led Zeppelin Jam |  Backseat
Anne Linnet |  Erann DD |  Laid Back |  Dodo & The Dodo’s
Sanne Salomonsen Johnny Deluxe |  Afenginn
Ivan Pedersen Trio |  Antonelli Orchestra