WE in Malmø

Our studio's binaural head played an important part in a performance in Malmø.

The binaural head has two silicone ears with two DPA 4060 microphones. The head was used in the live performance to capture sounds from different kinds of objects and materials: Stones, seaweed, metal, cardboard. The sounds were then processed through hardware effects that were chosen to enhance and illustrate the objects and the origin of the objects. For instance, a slow phaser on the seaweed to create associations to the sound of waves in the ocean.

We is a major performance by visual artist duo J&K that invites you to a multi-sensory environment where matter and bodies are in a constant flow of transfiguration. You are welcome to a visionary and magical playground of sensory experiments and visual storytelling exploring visions of new forms of coexistence between humans and non-human life forms.

WE was only performed for a very small audience who documented the work (photo/video/sound). It was unfortunately cancelled because of Corona(Covid-19 two hours before the premiere. Of course, we are now waiting for the premiere to happen after the pandemic, and to perform the work on different stages of the world. The time will come!


See more about WE on the theater Inkonst in Malmø, Sweden.