In the studio, Anders works mainly with live sessions of experimental improvisations, composition and sound installations and speak recordings.

As a singer he works with voice and sound as a reality gateway to the abstract world. Through computer oscillation and electronics, personal, improvised stories emerge. The sound is explorative, mild and wild. The sound is the way. The voice is the route. The ear conceives.

Anders has worked with the voice all his life in many different contexts: Childrens’ opera, sound choir, orchestra for rocket launches, sound installations, computer games, computer-based music, improvisations.

Examples of improvisation with electronics and voice: SMELT (Anders Børup + Randi Pontoppidan) | Solo concert at Brønshøj Water tower. Find more projects at


  • Smelt: Randi Pontoppidan, Anders Børup
  • Kristian Tangvik
  • CAM: Claus Poulsen, Mads Paluszewski-Hau, Anders Børup
  • BESPEAK: Makiko Hirabayashi, Dali Faitelson, Randi Pontoppidan, Soma Allpass, Anders Børup
  • CEO Bend-O-Rama: Mads Paluszewski-Hau, Ulf Johannesson, John Alex Hvidlykke, Adrian Price
  • Lydkoret WHOP